Senior Living in Utah: 3 Reasons to Consider the Beehive State

Jan 26, 2022

Utah has become a bit of a destination for those entering into their retirement years. Here, seniors can enjoy four seasons throughout the year, discover plenty of outdoor recreation to keep them active and they’ll avoid high real estate prices they might find in other states like California or Florida.

If you’re nearing retirement age and wondering where you should spend your senior years, here are 3 reasons to keep Utah at the top of your list.

1. There Are Plenty of Recreational Opportunities in Utah

Seniors might enjoy retirement in Utah thanks to all of the options for fun and leisure. For example, there are more than 25 ski resorts that welcome visitors, some of which might have challenging runs for new skiers while others offer easier slopes. The average temperature of the snow is 14 degrees so it’s an option for skiers throughout the year. If you reside in Salt Lake Count or Utah County, world-class resorts in Park City are just a short drive away.

Other outdoor activities include fishing, hiking, boating and biking. An abundance of forests makes these opportunities popular among residents who enjoy being outdoors. You’ll find many lakes, rivers, campgrounds, hiking trails, biking trails and more. If it’s outdoor recreation you love, Utah is the right spot for you. And if physical activity isn’t your thing, there are plenty of spas that have emerged to help seniors unwind too.

Take in the fresh air that Utah has to offer and start enjoying your retirement.

2. The Cost of Living in Utah is Reasonable

When the Bureau of Labor Statistics compared the cost of living between states, Utah was right at the middle-ranked 25th overall out of 50 U.S. states & Washington DC.

The average consumer expenditure for a household in Utah is $43,083 with most spending going towards housing, transportation and food. The median rent in the state is $763 a month with utility costs being about $141 a month. In comparison to other states, that’s very reasonable living expenses.

Whether you choose to live in a 55 and older neighborhood in Utah or more of an all-ages community, you’ll find the cost of living is much better compared to other states.

3. You’ll Have Access to Excellent Healthcare

One of the top reasons why seniors might enjoy living in Utah is for access to quality health care. The state has consistently ranked high for its healthcare services and it’s expected to remain that way for years to come.

Along with the natural beauty of the state, clean air and water quality, Utah is known as one of the healthiest states in America. Seniors who are concerned about their health will find excellent options here. For example, the University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute is known as one of the best cancer hospitals in the country. And if large hospitals aren’t your thing, there are more than 1,400 licensed assisted living facilities in Utah to meet all needs.

Give Utah a Chance

The next time you’re thinking about where to retire when you reach the right age, consider Utah. You’ll find plenty of senior living options in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas like Provo, Lehi, Farmington or Park City. You’ll find that you can live comfortably, conveniently and in good health for many years to come.