Coding & Web Development Leading Career Paths in Utah

Feb 20, 2022

Studies indicate coding and web development are the two most trending skills in the 2022 job market. Many people, both young and old, are rapidly learning these new skills as they are highly desired by many companies. While this is a nationwide trend, it’s well-noticed right here in Utah.

Desirable Coding Skills

Many high schools in the U.S. are now teaching their students coding languages instead of just traditional freshmen-year college preparation courses, such as Math and English. The State School Board in Utah has decided to follow this trend by requiring all future high school students to learn how to code starting in 2018. This will allow students to be ahead of the game when it comes time for applying for colleges or jobs.

“While we may not see computer science classes offered in every junior high and high school across the nation anytime soon, many universities across America have already made this a requirement for some majors,” said Mark Mabey, state curriculum coordinator for Career and Technical Education at the State Office of Education’s Career and College Readiness Division.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to gain skills that will set them apart from the rest of the world when they’re ready to enter college or go into their careers.”

Utah has seen an increase in coding and web programming companies over the past few years. This trend is likely to continue as demand for this type of workers increases, which will lead to better work opportunities and potentially lower unemployment rates in the state.

“By 2018 we hope every high school student will have had at least one semester of computer programming,” stated Mabey. “We are hopeful this change will help Utah stay on top of all other states.”

Web Development Skills That Are a Must

Along with coding languages, many people also recognize the need for web development skills in today’s workforce. This is especially true of people who own their own businesses and need a way to get online.

“We are seeing more business owners in Utah, both small and large, using third-party web developers to design their websites,” said Jeff Romero, owner of Octiv Digital in Salt Lake City. “This industry has been growing rapidly since the explosion of websites like Facebook and YouTube. All business owners want to be online and take advantage of internet marketing tools.”

Web development schools have also taken an interest in teaching students how to create professional-looking websites for companies that might not have the knowledge or time to do it themselves. Instead of trying to learn complex coding languages, they can take classes at these schools that teach them how to use free code frameworks available on the internet. These classes are offered to both kids and adults who want to learn more about coding.

Planning Ahead

Utah’s web development industry has grown by 95 percent from 2011 through 2016 according to an article published by Utah Policy Daily. The same article states Salt Lake City currently accounts for 41 percent of all web development companies in the state, ranking number eight on a list of top 10 cities with high concentrations of web development businesses nationwide. This is a new market that doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon.